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Ipod Leather Cases

The lastest news on the French Noreve brand is that they continue surprise us by  launching original ipod cases, and cases for many other devices. 
 They manufacture elegant cases concieved in high quality rigid leather. They are compatible with MP3 player Apple iPod Video 30Gb (ipod 5G), and they also have them for all other iPod types and sizes.Their iPod leather cases leave access to all functions and have a screen protector, headphone access, and an opening for recharge cable.

Noreve is always innovating. The interior of the iPod case have a chamude lining which allows the device to glide in easily and gives extra protection. Noreve's iPod leather case have an original metal hook that can be attached to the belt loop or to a bag handle or purse. They also have models with neck straps, removable belt clips, and more.

Noreve's iPod cases are a great choice for fashionable and durable protection.

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